The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

Woman Of Style Maggie Adams Klein

By Amy Bailey — January 16, 2015

Maggie Adams Klein is a Southern born and bred woman from Ruston, Louisiana who has called Atlanta home for the past 10 years. After heading PR and media relations for SPANX and Sara Blakely for 7+ years, Klein switched into a new role early this year as the Sr. Dir. of Global Brand Marketing where she leads multi-channel marketing campaign and content development on behalf of all Spanx, Inc. brands and products. She is also a new mom. Her answers are thought provoking and refreshing to read as we enter this new year.

What is your favorite part about waking up in the morning?
That first “mama” and snuggle from my 16 month old son!

What inspires you each day?
Possibility, people and the awareness that life is precious and everyday should count.

How does your home and family inspire you?
I’m not an astrological expert, but I am a Cancer and find great comfort and inspiration from home and family. My husband’s passion and wit and my son’s sweetness and curiosity inspire me every day.

What is your favorite thing about calling the South ‘home’?
There are too many to list. Banana pudding, magnolia trees and hugs are just a few.

What are some tips you would give women to stay inspired through life’s trials and tribulations?
Tough times provide the opportunity to learn something about yourself. Look for the hidden blessings, never underestimate your own strength…or the power of a good bottle of wine!

How do we begin to create a better life?
Be present in the moment, have patience with others and yourself and try to keep a positive outlook. If something or someone isn’t helping you to fulfill your goals or vision for your life, make a change.

How would you describe your personal style?
Classic with an edge. I’m a creature of comfort, so I embrace a relaxed style. I rarely plan outfits ahead of time and like to dress based on my mood.

What was your favorite thing to wear as a child?
Anything from my older sister’s closet and everything from the Limited Too.

What is your favorite thing to wear now?
Jeans – stretch distressed skinnys, super baggy boyfriends and of course my SPANX Slim Boots. I’m also loving my grey Dolce Vita moto boots with everything…jeans, floral dresses, skirts and preppy sweaters. They’re super comfy and give everything a little edge.

What is your favorite quote?
Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.

Who have played mentor roles in your life?
I have received encouragement and advice from a variety of friends, family, teachers, co-workers and colleagues – all of whom I’d consider mentors in different ways. I think you have to seek out mentorship and accountability from people you admire and respect – both those already a part of your life and those who aren’t yet.

What advice would you give to women in their 20s:
Embrace your individuality and have confidence in your ability and ideas. Realize that you are your own toughest critic and cut yourself some slack. Don’t worry so much about pleasing everyone and start listening to your inner voice to determine what truly makes you happy!