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Woman Of Style: Get In Focus With Photographer Jana Jenkins Sobel

By Amy Bailey — April 06, 2016

This wife and mother found her passion for photography through her family. She hopes her work may have a positive impact on others and lives each day with this goal in mind. She advises women that we should focus on loving others, forgiving others, and doing one thing each day that makes us HAPPY. From wearing neon colors and jelly shoes as a child, as an adult you will find this photographer in jeans and a cozy sweater. Read our interview with woman of style Jana Sobel below and learn more about Jana’s work at

What inspires you about waking up each morning? My work! The thought of that photo that should be taken, edited, shared, or upcoming wedding photography plans will get me out of bed. An idea for the perfect paint color or flooring for my latest project does the trick too. In addition to photography, I love finding deals on unwanted property and turning them into homes that everyone wants. I am very lucky that my work is something I love to do! There was a time when thoughts of work would have kept me in bed!

If extra inspiration is ever needed for me to get out of bed, my girls always pull through. They are 4 and 5 and, at least one, will come running in my room full steam ahead to wake me up. In fact, this is what happens most mornings before the other thoughts get a chance to form.

What inspires your work? The opportunity to create something that will impact others in a positive way.

How does your family inspire you? My husband is an entrepreneur and small business expert. He loves his job and loves helping others with start-ups. I think he should have his own podcast. His desire to keep learning and evolving his businesses to stay ahead of the competition is an inspiration to me. Although he doesn’t always understand my choices in property purchases, he is always supportive. He also made the wise choice of gifting me with my first DSLR when we were pregnant with our first child. He had no idea what he started with this gift of the ole Canon Rebel T1i. My children inspire me every day by teaching me to again find beauty in the ordinary. I’m sure I would have never discovered my passion for the art of photography without them.

What is your favorite place in the world? The beach and I… we were meant to be. Breathing in the ocean air makes me happy, and I am always a little sad to leave. A few of my favorite beaches include: St. John, USVI and any beach along 30A.

What advice would you give women going through life’s trials and tribulations? Focus on loving others, forgiving others, and doing at least one thing that makes YOU happy every day.

How do we begin to seek a better life? Take care of yourself first and discover what makes you happiest. You can’t make others happy if you can’t make yourself happy.

Describe your personal style. Classic girl-next-door. I’d love to wear jeans and sandals most days. My favorite outfit: great-fitting pair of jeans, killer boots, a camisole and a cozy sweater. I love accessories, but with jewelry less is more. I always wear a necklace, a watch, and one ring;)

What did you love to wear as a child? Neon colors, tight-rolled jeans, jelly shoes & bracelets, guess jean jacket, friendship bracelets & pins, big hair… it was the 80’s.

What is your favorite quote? Predicting rain doesn’t count, building arks does. Warren Buffett

Who have played mentor roles in your life? There isn’t one person that stands out as a mentor. There have been countless people, some I barely knew, that have offered great advice and support to me along the way. For example, I once had a co-worker tell me to always carry a notebook or papers with you around the office, especially when times were slow. This gives the appearance that you are busy. This always stuck with me. Partly, because it made me laugh out loud. Also, because it was great advice. I had another co-worker that encouraged me to buy my first property. It was what I needed to hear to get over my cold feet. I have since purchased over 15.

Advice to women in 20’s? Take care of yourself and, if you can’t do what you love, find joy in what you do.