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Woman Of Style: Angela Pewitt Of AlektraRunwear

By Amy Bailey — May 06, 2015

Warm weather is here, the outdoors are calling, and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I cannot think of a cooler gift for an athletic mom than AlektraRunwear, a brand of running shorts and athletic skorts made for women who love to exercise by an Alabama woman whose passion is running. After having trouble finding shorts she liked in vibrant patterns, Angela Pewitt decided to make her own. Angela, a busy working mom, turned her passion into a business that is truly creating an innovative product for women. Read our interview with Angela and click here to see AlektraRunwear, her shorts & skorts are also sold at Phidippides in Atlanta, Next Tuesday May 12th AlektraRunwear will be having an event at Phidipiddes.

alektra41. How did you get started as a designer? I couldn’t find vibrant patterns & colorful running shorts in women’s running apparel, so I decided to make my own, and I started AlektraRunwear. I’ve recently added AlektraSkorts to my line of runwear. Over the past year many female runners, walkers, tennis players, and golfers have asked me to design a flattering, lightweight, cool-pattern, running skort. I did and have 4 patterns to select from.

2. What inspires you to runwear? Being able to show your personality through running apparel.

3. Is designing as fun as it seems to be? Yes, and so much more!

4. What is the most rewarding aspect of Alektra RunWear? The design and creative process. Having it all come together, and to have an incredible garment at the end of the day to sell to enthusiastic runners. Also, to see a women run or walk past me in my product is pretty awesome!

alektra35. What do you hope Alektra RunWear brings to the consumer that other athletic brands are missing? An incredibly comfortable fit & feel of an American made product by a female entrepreneur.

6. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be? Portofino, Italy.

alektra67. Where do you see your company in 5 years? I see Alektra RunWear in stores across the USA.

8. Tell us about a typical day for you? First, I do mom duties. Then I either go for a run or to the Y for a workout. Check on materials, explore future races to exhibit, speak with buyers, there’s always something to do.

9. Any advice you would give to aspiring designers? Be passionate about what you do in life & in play.

10. As a child, did you envision yourself doing something creative? When I was a child, I watched my Nana on the sewing machine and I’d help her out. Maybe that’s my inner designer voice coming out through Alektra RunWear.