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Woman Of Style: Alexandra Wensley Finds Joy In Her Journey

By Amy Bailey — April 20, 2016

There is one thing you will notice instantly about Alexandra Wensley, her calm and sincere disposition. Being a mother of 2 young boys with a demanding career, Mandarin Oriental’s Wensley manages to stay focused on positive energy, firmly believing that if we give off positive energy it will return to us in the most beautiful ways. Her answers to our interview will motivate and enthuse you.

A.WensleyWhat inspires you about waking up each morning? I get inspired about so many things. I am a morning person so I get up early to do my work out. This is the “me time” I take to care for myself before the busy day begins. After my workout I drink a delicious protein shake with nourishing ingredients like spirulina and whole fruits.
Then it’s time to wake up my children and start the day. It’s a lot of rushing here and there to get out the door, but the quality time we get on the way to school means so much to me. They are a big part of my enthusiasm for each day.

What inspires your work? I get inspired by the people I work with at Mandarin Oriental. I truly love what I do. We are a luxury brand of hotels steeped in the values of our Asian culture and always strive to do better than the day before. This is a great motto that many of us embrace.
We have the opportunity to create lifelong memories for travelers and it’s so exciting to brainstorm new ways to ‘wow’ our guests. No idea is out of reach. We’ve built a private beach out of a grassy lawn, held a rock concert in an intimate lounge and turned a Five-Star restaurant into a temporary Japanese gastropub, to name a few concepts.

How does your family inspire you? I am mother of two young and energetic boys. My children Parker (age 9) and Caden (age 6) and husband Craig are my everything! They make me want to be a better person for them. Having children really changes your outlook on life. You need to be a good role model and show them right from wrong, but also treat yourself well. Be healthy, positive and active.

What is your favorite place in the world? I love Greece! I am of Greek descent so I am a little bias but it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world with great people, delicious and healthy cuisine (think of the Mediterranean Diet) and the most gorgeous beaches. I am a big fan of the Greek Islands and have spent much time exploring their shores.

What advice would you give women going through life’s trials and tribulations? Life is a roller coaster and there’s no secret formula. I believe in a true give and take in relationships and respecting others. If you give out positive energy, it would come back to you in the most beautiful and surprising ways!

How do we begin to seek a better life? This is a tough one as it’s so personal. I always try to keep a positive attitude, smile and enjoy each and every day! Savor those precious moments in life. In the morning, my youngest son Caden was sleeping and hugging his big Mickey Mouse soft toy. That was a special and most adorable moment!
Also, we should always remember to seek time for ourselves and be alone with our thoughts – meditate, do Yoga, breathe, take a warm bath.

Describe your personal style. I am drawn to classic pieces updated with a clean, modern flair or perhaps an interesting print. At work, I wear many dresses with unique details to stand out from a basic LBD or suit.
On weekends, I dress up cute shorts and flowy tops with embellished sandals, which are also great for running after my kids. I wear minimal make-up but do love to get dressed up when going out on the town in Miami.

What did you wear as a child? I loved my Sergio Valente jeans with pinstripes. They were my all-time favorite. I was also fond of miniskirts, friendship bracelets and leg warmers. I used tons of Aqua Net hair spray!!

What is your favorite quote?
“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” -Buddha

Who have played mentor roles in your life? My incredible mother Kathy. She is smart, resilient and a terrific woman. She gave us great advice growing up and keeps on doing so. She’s beautiful inside and out.

Advice to women in their 20s. Be true to yourself, work hard and you’ll be successful in whatever you choose to do. If you can, find a mentor to help guide you as your grow in your career. They can teach you the skills you won’t learn through school or training.