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Why I Love Megaformer Pilates

By Amy Bailey — May 25, 2018

Although I did not watch the Royal Wedding, I will speak volumes on Duchess Meghan’s workout and how she stays in such great shape. It is the same workout I started doing almost a year ago at Evo Fitness and is now one of the favorite parts of my day.

Last summer I thought I would try Lagree (aka megaformer pilates) as a nice, easy way to get toned. Ha, ha, ha, ha. That statement makes me laugh loudly because there is nothing nice or easy about Lagree. It is the hardest workout I have ever done and worth every drop of sweat and shaking muscle. It is also the most result producing workout I have ever done. In just a matter of weeks I was developing muscles I didn’t even think it was possible to have with my body type. In the beginning it was hard to even get through the workout, now I scale up to make sure I get the best workout I can in the 50 minute time frame. Another great thing, it is something all ages can do. With a big focus on balance, flexibility, and coordination, Lagree isn’t just about looking good, it is about developing your body so that it functions to the best of its ability even doing daily tasks.

As one of the women in my class told me, “I had major surgery and I know that the reason I was able to recover so quickly was because of this workout.”

The Details

Lagree Fitness is a licensed fitness method designed around the megaformer machine. The megaformer is equipped with a moveable carriage, springs, pulleys, and hanging straps for different moves that incorporate both strength and balance. Invented by Sebastian Lagree, the method incorporates all five elements of physical fitness: cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility.

The megaformer workout includes slow, small movements under high levels of resistance. A typical class is broken up into different sections for legs, core, and upper body with 1-2 minutes dedicated to each move.

The Burn

One of the biggest benefits of Lagree is that is keeps your body burning calories all day long. It does this by building lean muscle mass by increasing the stamina and oxygen capacity of your muscles.

The Lingo

With moves like dancing bear, catfish, scrambled eggs, the lingo used in Lagree is kind of fun and easy to catch onto.

The Shake

Shake and Bake! Make It Shake! You will hear these terms, the goal is the shake. You want to activate those slow twitch muscles and quiver like you never imagined in a workout. The shake means it is working. Just when it becomes unbearable, it’s time the next move.

The Pace

With each move being 1-2 minutes, although you are moving slow, you are changing your position frequently which makes the 50 minute workout fly by. One of the perks is that I always feel like every class flies by.

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