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Top Engagement Ring Trends

By Amy Bailey — June 30, 2014

While all women love diamonds, the jewelry world is seeing a change in the traditional ring with many women choosing unique engagement rings and wedding bands. From celebrities to style mavens, women are saying ‘yes!’ to rings that more closely represent their own personal style.

I remember when I got engaged a decade ago, everyone was opting for a solitaire in platinum, so it just seemed fitting to choose that trend. With our recommitment ceremony came a redesign of the original diamond. Levy’s Fine Jewelry created the most beautiful ring in a vintage pyramid setting that fits my style just right. And since I wear yellow gold all the time, the rings are yellow gold. Also making our daughter part of the ceremony was important, so we chose 2 bands not just 1, that way our daughter could help slip one of the bands on.

Today many brides are asking, “Why do I have to choose platinum if I wear yellow gold all the time?” “Why do I have to choose a diamond if my birthstone is an emerald?” “Why do I have to only have one wedding band?” “Why can’t my ring be unique to my style?” And with these questions MyScoop has seen these top 5 trends:

Go For The Gold

If you prefer platinum, white gold, and silver jewelry then of course these precious metals are right for you. But if you love yellow gold and wear it all the time then go for the yellow gold. Gold is royal, conjuring images of kings and queens of a different era. In recent years gold has become the precious metal of choice. So do not hesitate to be a golden girl.

Colored Gemstones

Sure diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but who says a girl has to have one best friend? Emeralds, sapphires in all colors, and opals can be your best friend too. Levy’s Fine Jewelry has seen a trend in brides-to-be picking out rings that showcase colored gemstones. And why not, color is dazzling. A blue sapphire was the choice of Lady Di and that special ring is now donned by the Duchess of Cambridge. Brides are also choosing large opals in various hues. Last year Tiffany and Co. debuted a treasure trove of color-saturated gemstones and diamonds that reflect the exhilarating spirit and color of the sea.

Natural Stones

Stones that are not dyed, stabilized, synthesized, or enhanced are also taking center stage in the bridal world. Natural Columbian emeralds are exotic and breathtakingly beautiful. Incorporating turquoise or jade into your setting is also a very unique natural look. Some brides are also choosing rough diamonds that have an archaeological look.

Vintage Settings

Vintage settings, especially those of the 1920’s, are becoming the favorite of many brides. A setting can take a diamond from typical to a work of art. Designer Neil Lane created a mesmerizing vintage inspired gold setting for Miley Cyrus. That was merely a hint of the trend that is occurring now with brides choosing to redesign estate jewelry for a romantic feminine look or rather an edgy art deco look. When it comes to vintage jewelry, there is no greater treasure in the South than Levy’s Fine Jewelry with their exclusive collection of designer estate jewelry.


Stack it up. Who says you can only have one engagement ring and one band? Brides are choosing multiple bands that can all be wore together, or if exercising, fishing, scuba diving, etc the large engagement ring can be put in a safe and just the bands can be worn. Rings can also be stacked in later years representing the birth of a child, a 10, 25, 50 anniversary, or in memory of a loved one. Tiffany and Co. has seen brides-to-be choosing to stack bands from their Atlas Collection, a collection of Roman Numeral carved jewelry. Jennifer Garner sports this stacked look on a daily basis.