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Top 5 Summer Party Tips Plus 5 Summer Recipes With No Cook Time!

By Amy Bailey — August 13, 2015

There may be no better time to throw a party than in summertime. Summer provides an abundance of produce that is ripe and ready to enjoy at its peak, nights with mild temperatures and clear skies, and colorful flowers blooming all around to use in decor. Plus the laid back atmosphere of summer allows for casual dress and a ‘come as you are’ mentality whether you are in shorts and tank or a flowy maxi dress.

From easy, seasonal tabletop decor to recipes that require zero cook time, MyScoop shares our top 5 summer entertaining tips:

summerpartytable1. Create A Tablescape Using Fresh Produce and Flowers – Summertime is the right time for an abundance of fruits and vegetables and not just to use in recipes. Incorporate the flavors of the season into your tabletop decor for a fresh, colorful display that will have your guests admiring your ingenuity. Heirloom tomatoes, artichokes, and radishes in a variety of colors make for a beautiful display. We found these at the local farmer’s market. See what it ripe and ready in your area or use vegetables and fruits from your own garden. For the flowers we stuck with we was blooming in our own gardens and kept it simple by arranging clusters of colorful blooms in clear glass Weck jars and clear mason jars.

2. Mix Up A Blueberry Mojito – Blueberries are in season and goodness do they make one incredible mojito. Muddle blueberries with mint and lime for an out of this world mojito. You can pre-make this cocktail sans the club soda then add a splash to each glass as guests order. Get the recipe here.

summerwater3. Add A Little Oomph To Your Water – In separate containers add ice water and different fruits and vegetables. Infused waters make for a refreshing treat and they are pretty to serve too. We chose cucumber, watermelon, and lemon.

summerpartylights4. Create A Little Ambiance With Lighting – The right lighting sprinkled across your patio paired with the sounds of summer and the blinking of lightning bugs will transform your backyard into a magical place setting the stage for a relaxing night filled with conversation and laughter. Where do you find all these enchanting lights, why of course!

summerantipasto5. Recipes With No Cook Time!!! Take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables and throw together recipes that require zero cooking. For example – Caprese Salad, gazpacho, antipasto platter, salsa, berry salad, and of course homemade ice cream! Here are some recipes we suggest:

Summer Gazpacho

Summer Antipasto Platter

Fish and Shrimp Ceviche

Heirloom Tomato Salsa

Rose and Strawberry Ice Cream