The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

By myscoop2 — June 25, 2014



“There is no one is this region who knows fashion and style better than Amy Lemley Bailey. She is the expert on anything style related.” Jared Nadler Levy’s Fine Jewelry

“MyScoop is really fun and dynamic! A great asset for our region!” Kari Kampakis, MyScoop reader

“I am addicted to MyScoop and read it everyday. You can say I am an avid fan!”Diana Isbell, MyScoop reader

“I wanted to thank you for the “Cinderella Dreams” column you wrote for today’s MyScoop newsletter. I am in the middle of trying to revive my own Cinderella dreams concerning my writing career and your words were quite inspiring.”Javacia Harris Bowser, MyScoop reader

“Amy what you have done with My Scoop is so fabulous. I only wish we had something like it here in sunny Florida.” Martha Hereford-Cothron, MyScoop reader

“I love reading your updates and postings. It looks like My Scoop is running off the charts!” Tree Davidson, MyScoop reader

“I just wanted to tell you that I read your Spring Awakenings article and I am just in awe of your strength and spirit.” Meghan Mehta, MyScoop reader
“MyScoop has done a great job of getting people involved and excited about the community.” Casey Collier, MyScoop reader
“MyScoop connects us to a customer who we might not reach using more traditional marketing methods. The recent Beaus and Belles party at out Summit location was a great example of how using Social Media can introduce our company to yet another generation of Birmingham consumers.” Ricky Bromberg, Bromberg and Company

“It’s refreshing to see our advertising dollars at work, literally. Like My Scoop’s philosophy, word of mouth has been very kind to ServisFirst Bank. We value our continued partnership with My Scoop.” Tom Broughton, President and CEOServisFirst Bank

“It has been challenging to find an effective way to reach the upscale female demographic via traditional media outlets. MyScoop has provided the means to connect and communicate with powerful females–women who work hard and therefore reward themselves. Utilizing non-traditional marketing such as MyScoop to reach women who make significant purchasing decisions is an effective alternative to traditional media. MyScoop allows Adamson Ford to provide relevant messaging to a targeted demographic of sophisticated women by approaching them through a medium that is applicable to their lifestyle.” – Sarah Israel Marketing Director Adamson Ford

“Thanks for the great news on the click-thrus. I feel like our little spot fits well on the site and look forward to seeing it blossom.” – Gordon Stewart, Hoover Toyota

“As the owners of The Rogue and 4450 we were very pleased with our partnership with My Scoop Mississippi for the Beaus and Belles Event on October 20.  We certainly did not know how many people would be at the event or vote when we were first contacted about hosting the party.  The attendance for the party was outstanding and with over 2000 votes gathered, we feel that the exposure we received for both The Rogue and 4450 was well worth our expense. Elizabeth Fowler and her staff were very professional to work with and always ready to answ er any question we had regarding the event.  Our success we had with the Beaus and Belles event could not have happened without Elizabeth and her staff. Thanks for a great evening.” Luke and Alison Abney, Owners of The Rogue and 44/50-Jackson, MS

“The exposure, foot traffic, comments, and loyal customers that My Scoop has provided our Birmingham store is remarkable. The girls mentioned how great and easy it is working with you and your team and stressed the importance of continuing our relationship. You have really created something great – and the people you reach are exactly what we consider our “Gallery Girls” to be- Fun, stylish, smart and driven.” Marrissa Fleming, Private Gallery Marketing Director

“Whether it’s through Facebook, an email, a phone call, a letter, or events like the Beaus & Belles party, we are always trying to find ways to expose new customers to the store” Luke Abney, owner of The Rogue-Jackson, MS.

“Gossip Girl was my first MyScoop event and I thought the evening was amazing. As a sponsor, I was so impressed with all the details that made the whole event come together. I was also very pleased with the caliber of the women who attended. Not only were they beautiful, but well dressed and had excellent accessories. These are truly the fashionista’s of the future. Thanks for the warm welcome and we look forward to participating in many upcoming events.” Linda Croley, Associate Vice President – Investments. Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC.


“I was looking for something different in a high quality marketing product to attract a new, younger, affluent customer. My scoop was the right product for our business.”
Jared Nadler, Levy’s Fine Jewelry

“Your idea of targeting young women, particularly the fashionista set, and offering special events for them is a most unique and clever idea. Please know how much we appreciate your willingness to partner with Magic Moments.” Ann Vroch, Magic Moments

“We are so glad someone is doing style and doing it right for the 
South.” Saks Fifth Avenue, My Scoop advertiser

“I can’t tell you how much I love your publication and how I look forward each day to reading your articles. It is a nice break in my busy day at work to look on the internet and read My Scoop – especially in these depressing economic times. Not only do I think the publication is fun and fabulous but I want to compliment you on your business acumen. It was a great idea that you started and you have managed to grow the business and expand into markets in the worst economic time in our history – THAT is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I am Vice President of Commercial Real Estate lending for North Alabama and I am seeing a lot of my clients shopping centers lose tenants in their centers because of retail businesses are failing. You feature great retail clients and other local boutiques and are doing great events in their stores to bring in shoppers. From a finance and economic point of view what you are doing is mind boggling! Personally I think that you are adding a lot of value to your advertisers with everything you are doing and I think some owners of retail centers owe you a big thanks.”
Alison Cannon, RBC Bank

“Just wanted to let you know I love your blog! I read it every day and enjoy being able to read about fun things going on in Birmingham! I am originally from Atlanta and feel like they are always going to be one step ahead. However, I feel like Birmingham has so much potential and has so much to offer for the social world, thanks to your blog!” Elizabeth Hayes, My Scoop reader


“I am honored to work with My Scoop, a group of such hard working women.”Haisley Smith, Brownell Travel

“As a Scoopette, not only do you get discounts at countless fabulous stores, but you feel like a celebrity at the events when swag bags are passed out! Only Scoopettes get to take the Swag Bags home and plunder through to find extraordinary treasures reserved only for you!” Meredith McLaughlin, ServisFirst Bank

“You all are an inspiration to young women.” Denise Knox, Owner of Private Gallery

“Hi! I am an avid reader of My Scoop, and I must say that I LOVE IT! I think you have fantastic taste and style. Thanks again for giving me “the scoop” Haley Perry, My Scoop reader

“Thank you ladies so much for covering the event last night! We had a great turnout and in part to MyScoop:) THANK YOU THANK YOU. You are the best!”Andrea Walker, My Scoop client

“The party at Bromberg’s was fabulous. I am so impressed at how well everything went and the crowd was terrific.” Rebecca Sibley, Glenwood Thanks Rebecca

“I just love all you do – makes me feel like I still live in a big city – You’re AWESOME!” Christina Stone, reader

“Congratulations to both of you for an excellent event. It was clear that it was put on by professionals. The whole event, down to the smallest details was well planned and well executed. I am amazed at the great sponsors/partners that you got involved.” Michael Bell, Modern Brand Creative

“I simply love the magazine. I have read your bio and several others and am quite impressed with your experience and that of your staff. I know I will enjoy checking out the scoop in the future. Keeping my home and my personal fashion up-to-date with today’s trends is extremely important to me and I love that I have a new source of information. Thank you for the Scoop!” Libby Adkins, reader

“Upon moving to the South, I found several stores that I just love through My Scoop!” Kelly McCaleb, reader

“Partnering with My Scoop for their holiday party allowed us to create brand awareness for our stationery business by including our products in their giveaways.  As a growing small business we are grateful for unique opportunities to reach our target market.” Stella Schreiber, Co-Owner, Little Lamb Design

“Finally a fun, stylish media source for us chic Southerners! I am addicted to My Scoop. There is nothing else like it.” Mandy Johnson, reader

“I am once again stumped for how to express how impressed I am with My Scoop! GREAT WORK! I love the new site.  I LOVE that you put wishlists on there!! I love your favorite things idea! So darling!” Jennifer Barnette, reader

“I met this guy in LA and quickly realized he was from the South. When I mentioned My Scoop, he flipped out because he loves it so much.” Shannon Mayock, reader

“I love your scoop blog. I read it all the way thru every time!” Natalie Evans, reader

“I read it all the time!” Christine Harpole, reader

“I really enjoy your fashion comments.” Sally Tseng, designer

“You can tell that so much hard work and thought went into the party. Everything flowed so well.” Mandy Morris, reader

“I immediately went out and bought several things from your article!” Kristin Prickett, reader

“I just love everything about My Scoop!” Jennifer Little, reader

“A reader contacted me about how awesome the Ebay store is that My Scoop referenced in the article. She could not believe the store had designer clothes in her size and stated that she rarely can find plus size designer clothes. So happy for her and glad we could help her.” Jenifer Gallini, My Scoop contributer


“I immediately went out and bought several things from your article!” Kristin Prickett, reader