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Summer Must Have: MB Greene Weekender Bag

By Amy Bailey — June 11, 2016

The weekend calls for a great weekender bag like this Crossbody Bag by MB Greene. Based in Alabama, MB Greene makes stylish yet functional waxed canvas bags including train totes, garment bags, toiletries bags, and small zips. Carry MB Greene all the time or make it your choice for travel. After 10 years as a wholesale rep, MB Greene decided it was time to create the bag her customers ha been asking for – a pretty bag that could function as luggage and was easy to care for. The wax style allows it to always look new making it water resistant and easy to wipe off. Visit MB Greene to see all the styles and colors, and check out store locators to find MB Greene near you!

MB Greene Crossbody Bag

MB Greene Crossbody Bag