The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

Setting Your Holiday Table

By Amy Bailey — November 30, 2018

The table is a place to gather. A place of nourishment, of love, of laughter, of comfort. Cooking is love no matter how simple the food. For my holiday table I used:

1. Blue and White Chinoiserie Vases filled with paper whites from The Greenery – I love the smell of paper whites and always try to add them into my holiday decor. The only key to paper whites is buying them before they are tall so that they do not bloom out before the holiday.

2. Monogrammed Heirloom Placemats and Napkins – These white with gold monogramming napkins and placemats are a staple on my mother-in-law’s table and it is a joy to incorporate them into our Christmas.

3. Large Pine Cones – LOVE these from The Greenery, their simplicity and the texture they add to the tablescape.

4. Mixing China – I used my Wedgwood Platinum pattern with my Royal Crown Derby Carlton both from Bromberg’s.

5. In The Center – In a large, long gold vase I planted white hydrangeas, wispy ferns from The Greenery along with magnolia leaves from our magnolia tree in the front yard. Around the vase coming down the center of the table I laid both Frasier Fir limbs and Cedar limbs.