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Petal Pushers: Floral Inspired Jewelry

By Amy Bailey — June 30, 2014

Flowers inspire poems, art, clothing, and this year these beautiful gifts of nature have inspired a floral trend in jewelry. From beautifully planned rose gardens to cascading hills of hydrangeas, Southerners love gardens and the flowers that grace them, and most Southern women love wearing them too. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry include a vintage hammered gold cuff with a gold rose on it, floral diamond earrings, and a beautiful floral diamond necklace was the first piece of jewelry my husband gave me.

“Jewelry and nature go hand in hand and flowers are synonymous of the season – making floral jewelry a must-have accessory to accent fashion-forward outfits this summer and fall,” says Amanda Gizzi, spokesperson for Jewelry Information Center.

Floral Patterns can be found in diamond rings designed to look like an open bloom, large earrings mimicking rose petals, and necklaces full of blooms designed to drape the neck like a garden. Look for big and bold flowers on earrings, pendants, bangles, charms and cocktail rings.

Gorgeous metal work can be found with gold cuffs sporting bounties of blooms. Floral designs etched on metal bracelets is also popular.

Gemstones add color to floral designs just like flowers add color to gardens. With emeralds, rubies, sapphires, the possibilities are a rainbow.

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