The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

Nothing Tastes As Good, As Feeling Good

By Amy Bailey — December 07, 2017

Thanksgiving was different in many ways this year. Firstly it was at the beach which in itself cast a more laid back feel over the day. But secondly, it was mainly plant based. I say mainly because my sister did make a turkey for the meat eaters, which was the last time I ate meat and it was cooked very nicely;) I made 6 different veggie sides and we sipped on date-coconut milkshakes.

Afterwards I experienced something that had never happened before – I felt good. I didn’t feel like I needed a nap. I didn’t feel like someone needed to roll me out the door. I didn’t feel like I needed to put on elastic band pants. I didn’t have casserole induced guilt. I felt good and what an invigorating feeling it was.

The older I get the more I treasure energy. Nothing tastes as good, as feeling good. If I want to be a productive person, I need to feel good. I have become much more in tune with how I feel after I eat certain foods. If a food makes me feel yuck or tired or like my mouth is coated with grease after I eat it- I don’t want it. In this lifestyle change I haven’t just become aware of how good I feel after I eat plant based, I have also noticed my taste buds have changed.

I always thought I would keep eating meat, in fact a month ago I wrote that we still eat meat twice a week, but even that has stopped. (Although I still plan to eat oysters.) It isn’t that I am doing it for my health anymore, it is simply that I do not crave meat. I crave vegetables – literally crave them, can’t wait to have them, and am in love with their flavors. It doesn’t just make me feel good, it makes my tummy happy, my spirit happy to smell the aroma of roasted carrots or taste the nutty bitterness of dark green kale and it makes my eyes happy to see that colorful plate before me.

People talk about eating healthy being expensive, but what’s expensive is the meat. Even moderately changing your diet to eat meat only at dinner, you will feel differently and your pocket book with notice it too. The access we have to vegetables now is incredible. Growing up we had mashed potatoes and green beans – now no matter where you shop you have an endless array of vegetables and fruit at your disposal. Eating more plant based isn’t hard and it isn’t expensive and it can start by changing just one meal a week.

When we think about the typical American diet and most people eat highly processed meat for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, it’s not healthy, it’s not sustainable, and it’s just not necessary. I’m not saying don’t eat meat, I’m saying don’t eat as much meat and eat lots of vegetables.

Your plate should be full of color not just browns and whites. Eat the rainbow. Want to read more about how to go plant based and the benefits #plantbased #eattherainbow #thankfulthursday