The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

By myscoop2 — June 25, 2014


The Perfect Day In Nashville (5/13/2021) - It is no secret that the Music City is beyond popular these days. So for residents and tourists that means there is tons to do. With the plethora of restaurants, activities, and hotels, we sought out the best of Nashville. […]
This Is 40: An Achievement Not A Punishment (5/12/2021) - I HAVE 40 years. J’ai quarant ans. If you translate ‘I am 40 years old’ to French that is the translation. There is no ‘old’ at the end, the phrase is ‘I HAVE 40 years’. Isn’t it beautiful? And isn’t […]
Strawberry Shortcake (5/10/2021) - ‘Tis the season!’ Thank goodness #meatlessmonday isn’t Sweetless Monday;) Eating seasonally guarantees the tastiest, most beautiful food. I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was younger so with fresh local strawberries in hand it seemed like the perfect time to indulge […]
Cape San Blas, Everything You Dreamed The Beach Could Be (5/6/2021) - When I was a little girl before I ever laid eyes on the ocean, I read about it. I read about the waves and the sand, the shells and the sand dollars, the sea turtles and the dolphins. I read […]
The One Thing I Wish I Knew As A Younger Mom (5/6/2021) - If there was one lesson I wish I could tell my younger mom self it is this – be still. As a younger mom I often felt harried and hurried through each day. I was busy and boy did I […]
Vegan Nachos Recipe (5/5/2021) - Holy smokes! These vegan nachos are the BEST nachos I’ve ever eaten. Piled high with roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, pinto beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, corn, jalapeño, onion, bell pepper, cilantro, olives, chives, and a pepper-cashew sauce made in […]
Best of The French Riviera: Day 1-4 (5/1/2021) - “Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” I called out of the window of our castle room. My husband had to remind me France already had plenty of cheese. In the medieval village of Eze we had the ultimate pleasure […]
We Are Stewards Of This Earth (4/22/2021) - I was in our house when my daughter came in, “Mommy will you come outside with me?” I went outside where I found she had piled some sticks, flowers, leaves, and rocks. She asked me to sit down beside the pile […]
20 Most Beautiful Small Towns In The World (3/3/2021) - There are some places that hypnotize our eyes and captivate our mind with their beauty. Their charm, their uniqueness, and their natural allure enchant our soul and leave a vision forever embedded in our brains. Here are 20 small towns […]
The Magic Of Vail: Skiing During Covid (2/22/2021) - “Not yet,” that was the response of my first ski instructor when I took a tumble, landed smack on my back, looked up at the bluebird sky, and said, “I’m just not very good at this.” Humbling is perhaps the […]