The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

By myscoop2 — June 25, 2014


The Magic Of Vail: Skiing During Covid (2/22/2021) - “Not yet,” that was the response of my first ski instructor when I took a tumble, landed smack on my back, looked up at the bluebird sky, and said, “I’m just not very good at this.” Humbling is perhaps the […]
Cape San Blas, Everything You Dreamed The Beach Could Be (2/6/2021) - When I was a little girl before I ever laid eyes on the ocean, I read about it. I read about the waves and the sand, the shells and the sand dollars, the sea turtles and the dolphins. I read […]
Rainbow Ratatouille Recipe (8/10/2020) - Happy #meatlessmonday ! We have been doing Sunday Night Suppers with all the family and it has been a treasure – the conversations, the time around the table visiting and listening to stories, the memories being made that our daughter […]
The Perfect Day In Lexington (7/25/2020) - Rolling green hills dressed in wildflowers, thoroughbreds grazing behind white fences that sweep along the highway, this is Lexington, Kentucky. Behind the obvious reasons to visit – horses and bourbon – there is a town full of charm, creativity, and […]
Best Of Provence (6/26/2020) - We often think of time as passing us by. As we drove passed fields of lavender and poppies, rows of grapevines and olive trees I wondered if maybe we were just looking at it wrong. Maybe instead of thinking of […]
The Real Story of Alcohol, My Story and Stories From Other Women (6/7/2020) - (article originally posted November 7, 2019) After I wrote my first piece on alcohol “Perhaps Mama Needs Her Wine Shouldn’t Be The Catchphrase For Motherhood” , the response was incredible. Over the last year and a half I have had hundreds […]
How To Make Meatless Lasagna Rolls (4/27/2020) - Pray, Garden, Exercise, Cook – those seem to be my daily coping activities right now that are getting me through this time. I have enjoyed cooking for my family, for older neighbors, and for families in our community during quarantine […]
Wishing You Peace (3/19/2020) - peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. This week more than […]
The Road Trip Less Traveled: Gulf County (3/15/2020) - Perhaps nothing is more American than a road trip. From coast to coast we are connected by patterns in pavement. These highways, byways, state routes, drives and interstates let you ‘SEE’ America. From farmhouses and fields, to forests and mountain […]
The Perfect Day In Nashville (3/10/2020) - It is no secret that the Music City is beyond popular these days. So for residents and tourists that means there is tons to do. With the plethora of restaurants, activities, and hotels, we sought out the best of Nashville. […]