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My Favorite Things Day 3: Southern Growler

By Amy Bailey — December 05, 2014

I have never seen a work of pottery so beautiful, and so functional. Southern Growler is an Alabama born business out of Huntsville that is truly one of the most unique creations I’ve ever seen. The Growlers are all hand painted, slip cast, and glazed in Huntsville, Alabama. A few years ago the State of Alabama finally relented to pressure from a grassroots movement (Free The Hops) by the citizens of Alabama and started allowing High Gravity craft beer to be brewed and purchased.  Since then the state has seen an explosion in the amount of Breweries statewide all of whom are producing a product of excellent quality. More recently the draft to business was allowed so we would have the choice of filling up a Growler of  beer of our liking and taking it home to enjoy. The idea is that you would use this growler to take to a local beer shop to fill with your favorite beer. However, so many people are using them just as decorative pieces. They could also be used as a carafe for wine. I am excited to give them as gifts and love that I am giving something unique and Southern made. Starting at $60 and up these Growlers are a must have and they are just so cool, click Southern Growler to learn more.