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My Favorite Things Day 2: Louboutin Nail Polish

By Amy Bailey — December 04, 2014

Did you know how the red sole came about? Christian Louboutin created a shoe and to give it that artistry that was missing he took a bottle of red nail polish and preceded to paint the bottom of the shoe red. Who knew that moment would spark the biggest thing to happen to shoes since, well…feet. So from the designer whose creative genius was sparked by nail polish comes a polish as artistic as his shoes. In an 8 inch high bottle with ombre fade on the glass, this bottle will sit on your vanity long after the polish is gone as a work of art. Is a $50 bottle of nail polish worth the price? In MyScoop’s opinion, yes as a special treat or stocking stuffer! This polish appears to put on the laquer of 20 layers of polish after only two coats. If you order from the Louboutin website it arrives in just a couple of days. The brush seems to hold the perfect amount of polish to apply. The shine it leaves needs no top coat and the look is something you’ve only dreamed of at the nail salon. Caroline Williams, Owner of Carriage House Weddings in Birmingham, is giving this polish as a hostess gift at holiday parties – what a clever idea! $50 ChristianLouboutin, you can also find at Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus. Like, Share, and #myscoop for your chance to win, you have 24 hours to post and the more you post on your social media outlets the better your chances to win – click here. ┬áThe winner will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you do not yet follow us on these outlets, click the links above to make sure you do!

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