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My Favorite Mountain Accessories

By Amy Bailey — October 25, 2015

There is nothing quite like traveling to the mountains in the fall. If you time it just right it’s as if every leaf on every tree has been hand painted by God. The beauty is unparalleled. I wanted to make sure to pack stylish yet comfortable pieces, here are my favorite mountain accessories:

1. Boots, Boots, Boots!

mtnaccessories6For stylish comfort the Melissa Frye Boot has it all. It is flat making it ideal for walking and its high style make it ideal for riding horses too.






mtnacces7Make sure you are weather proof in these ZouBaby wellies. It may be wet outside but you will be toasty and dry. These are also great to hike in since you never know what weather conditions you make encounter on a trail, go ahead wade that waterfall! And did I mention you can get them monogrammed like a good Southern belle?




mtnaccessoriesAdd a little strut in you step with Tony Lama, gorgeous handcrafted boots since 1911. I LOVE my Chocolate Saigets, they are so colorful and mountain appropriate.






mtnaccessories3My favorite flannel shirt of all time is a Billy Reid shirt I bought years ago, I packet every trip. This year I added a new one to the mix, this blue and white flannel from Belk.





CrossBody Bag

mtnaccessories4A crossbody bag is a must, whether you are hitting a historic downtown or hiking through the mountains, it allows you to be hands free. This one by Pelcor in eye popping Cayenne is small, functional, and oh-so stylish. Pelcor accessories are also sustainable since they are made out of cork, a great way to respect the environment as you take in all the great outdoors has to offer.


mtnaccessories5One of my favorite items of clothing of all time, this poncho sweater made from organic alpaca wool is stylish and beyond comfortable. With no sleeves, it is easy to throw on and go. Made by Callina, you will find they also have sweater hats, fingerless gloves, and more. Through November 26 purchaser $150 or more and receive 20% off at Callina’s website, link above.

mtnaccessories2This lightweight colorful poncho cardigan is a new favorite from Belk and very affordable. I love the way it fits, the fact it is a light layer, and I love that the colors are so bright they mimic fall leaves.