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How To Style A White Suit

By Amy Bailey — May 19, 2016

Today the image of a suit can bring forth thoughts of stuffy, tight clothes, but historically a women’s pant suit offered a sense of freedom and power defying traditional gender roles – just think Katharine Hepburn or Marlene Dietrich. Socialite Nan Kemper was actually barred from a New York restaurant when she tried to enter wearing a Yves Saint Laurent pants suit, at which point she removed the pants and walked in wearing a suit jacket/minidress. A suit does not have to be confining, in fact it can be carefree, airy, and a delight to wear. Perhaps no suit demonstrates carefree sophistication like a white suit. Transport yourself to the French Riviera or Havana in a summer white suit. Here’s how to style it:

WhitesuitBlack Halo Kalem 2-Piece Jumpsuit – Using just the pants from this 2-piece jumpsuit by Black Halo, I paired them with an off-the-shoulder tropical top and white ruched sleeve blazer. The wide leg pants are comfortable, well made, and sophisticated. Plus the jumpsuit makes a stellar outfit on its own, $390 Shopbop.

ASOS Off The Shoulder Ruffle Top In Tropical Print – The off the shoulder look is so very flattering that you need to make this trend a part of your wardrobe. I love the palm print on this top and it pairs so beautifully with white $26 ASOS.

whitesuit3Ivory Linen Blazer – A found this steal at Gin-O Boutique in Franklin, Tennessee. The white pairs perfectly with the pants and it is just so stylish and easy to wear, $79 Gin-O Boutique.

Oliver Peoples Clear Gregory Peck Shades – Round shades are in and the Gregory Peck style by Oliver Peoples are classic and chic, $395 Saks Fifth Avenue.

Michael Kors Sable Leather Wedge – A great wedge elongates the legs creating a nice silhouette with the wide leg white pants, on sale $112.50 Michael Kors.

whitesuit4Gold And Emerald Earrings – Gold jewelry with the color white creates a look that really pops. Being a May baby I love emeralds and these earrings from Levy’s Fine Jewelry are one of my favorite pieces to ever own. For the best selection of estate jewelry in the Southeast that will blow your stylish mind shop Levy’s Fine Jewelry.

Hermes H Enamel Bracelet – Black and Gold the Hermes H bracelet is a great addition to any outfit and a piece you will wear forever Hermes.

Hayden-Harnett Gold Bracelet – Handbag and accessories line Hayden-Hartnett makes the coolest leather bracelets, I added this gold one to my wrists for a stacked gold look.

IMG_1306Rose Bangle Bracelet from Theadora AbbeyLuxe – This rose bracelet is such a statement piece, I have had it for years and wear it regularly.

Wooden Necklace and Wooden Bangles With Gold Accent – I found these bangles for $3 each at an estate sale and just adore them.