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How To Make A Flower Crown

By Amy Bailey — August 04, 2014

This year Midsummer has brought wonderful things like breezy nights, beautiful sunsets, and vibrant flowers. From our gardens we picked a variety of flowers the other day and decided to play. The little loved her colorful crown made of zinnias, daisies, lavender, and roses. It makes for a fun afternoon project or can be a great accessory to wear to a party.

What you need:

  • a variety of fresh flowers trimmed down to 3″ stems
  • 2 pieces of 16 gauge floral cloth wire
  • thin wire or green floral tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon (whatever variety you like)

To begin, you’ll create the base of the flower crown out of two pieces of floral wire. Mold and gently bend each piece into a half circle. Face the half circles opposite of each other to create a circle and lay it over the top of your head or child’s head to check the fit. It should be quite snug as the addition of flowers will eventually weigh the crown down. Wrap both overlapping sections tightly with floral tape.

Before adding the flowers to the base, you’ll create several small clusters of flowers. This is key because it saves you from having to add each flower individually and overloading the crown with wire or tape. To form clusters – pick a flower and continue adding 4-5 flowers, each one nestled right below the other. Tightly wrap the base with floral tape. Trim the tips if necessary.

Once you’ve made 10-15 clusters, start adding them to the base. Position a cluster of flowers against the outside of the wire base and wrap tightly with floral tape. Overlap the second cluster over the first and wrap tightly with wire or tape. Continue layering clusters in the same direction until the entire base is filled. Tie ribbon to back of crown. We cut 3 pieces of ribbon in varying lengths and tied in half at the back of the crown.

Spray the crown with water or keep it in a cool place until you are ready to wear it. The crown will not last more than a day fresh. After that you could dry it out and still let the little one enjoy playing with it.