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How To Get Natural Looking Highlights

By Amy Bailey — June 30, 2014

There are several highlighting techniques we recommend to clients during the summer months that create a bright summer look without making hair look washed out:

1. Summer on the Coast:  Remember those careless days on the beach as a youth when the sun worked its magic and created the natural highlights that you would try to replicate for most of your adult life?  To re-create this sun-lightened look, we place pieces of deposit-only color underneath the top layer of the hair to complement the lightening effect the top layer will receive from the sun via outdoor exposure.  The result is a textured highlight effect that provides spectacular depth after a couple of days in the sun.

2. Maximize The Sun’s Effect with Minimal Highlights:  We recommend placing highlights strategically to enhance the effects of the sun (i.e. a placing highlights in a diamond shape around the crown of the head will provide excellent color transition with very few highlights)

3. Tipping:  Another technique that extends the effect of the sun-lightening on the top of the head is to lighten your ends!  Highlights are applied from your mid-shaft to your ends to complement the sun’s natural lightening on the crown, leaving a cascade of rich, light tones and depth.