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Flower Ice Cubes

By Amy Bailey — May 13, 2016

One thing that continuously fascinates me about my garden is its beauty. I love learning about flowers, it amazes me how many species of flowers there are and of course they are just so breathtaking. Flowers can also be the loveliest accessory to any drink. Whether you are sipping on cucumber water or a rose margarita, just pop a flower ice cube for an enchanting party idea. Plus these large ice cubes melt slower maker your tasty drink last instead of becoming watered down. Here are 5 flowers we love making ice cubes out of that will make your next party magical, but first you will need a silicone ice cube tray, I love these by Tovolo King Cube Tray only $9 on Amazon.

1. Rose – As if the rose’s beauty wasn’t enough, this edible flower can be used to make rose petal syrup, rose water, and makes for a beautiful ice cube. I took a bud from my Coral Sherbert Rose bush pictured at top and a bloomed rose from my Julia Child Rose bush pictured bottom center. These rose ice cubes are perfectly paired in any ‘rose’ flavored or ‘rose’ colored concoction.

2. Poppy – The poppy makes for an absolutely beautiful ice cube, but do not attempt to eat this floral beauty. Its seeds may be edible, but not the rest. But don’t hesitate to decorate your next cocktail with it, absinthe seems like a good pairing.

3. Dahlia – Most people don’t realize that dahlias are a relative of both sunflowers and Jerusalem artichokes. In addition to the petals, you also can eat dahlia bulbs. A little history- the wild, treelike species was called acocotli by the Aztecs, meaning “water cane.” They valued the plant especially as a source of water for traveling hunters. Even to this day, dahlias will store large reserves of water in their stems, one reason they succumb so quickly to hard frosts. This maroon colored dahlia made for a beautiful purple hued ice cube. This color looks beautiful when paired with a yellow hued cocktail.

4. Snapdragons – Their petals are delicate and colorful. While they are edible, the flavor is not too desirable, making them more suited for an ornamental use. I froze several blooms together and love the color of the green bud peaking through.

5. Nasturtiums – Nasturtiums are rockstars in the flower world. They require little maintenance, they are gorgeous, and they are good for you! Their taste is on the peppery side and are great for salads. They also make one breathtaking ice cube you can drop in any drink to add a pop of color.