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Fit at 40: Photographer Moesia Davis

By Amy Bailey — January 05, 2018

This is the year I turn 40 and with that birthday on the horizon it has inspired me to be in the best shape I can be. So many times we as women come up with excuses not to exercise or change our diet, we see other women committed to health and we still come up with excuses – “Oh it’s in their genes”, “They’re too fit”, “I just don’t have time to exercise”, and so on. Of course we are made different, but taking care of our God given bodies and skin the best we can should not be an after thought. Although aging can be mentally challenging, it should not be something we absolutely dread. When we see our bodies, skin, and minds as the incredible gifts that they are, we begin to have a deeper understanding of health.

With my own 40th birthday drawing near I have sought the advice of women who aren’t just surviving getting older, but thriving. Women who look better now than they did in their 20s. Photographer Moesia Davis is one of those women. Mo truly glows. Not only does she have impeccable skin, but with 40 approaching this month she is in the best shape of her life. Her mental attitude about aging is something to admire as well, read her interview below:

I don’t really detest anything about getting older! I’m comfortable in my own skin and I love the way God naturally created and molded me. Whether it’s 40 or 60, getting older is not a destination. It’s a continuous journey. There is always the alternative!

What are your go to meals? Thanks to Kathy G, I absolutely love tomatoes! If you have tomatoes in your home, an amazing and quick meal is guaranteed. If I’m really busy and not in the mood to actually turn on an oven, I would normally slice a few tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic. Sometimes, I’ll add some fresh fruit or splurge on burrata. If I need something that’s more filling, I’ll add pasta.

What is your exercise routine? I haven’t been to a gym in two years! I hired a personal trainer two years ago and it was one of the best decision’s I’ve ever made. I was working out 3 days a week, cardio and weight training. Once I saw that my body was really changing, working out became obsessive and I was excited about the results. I had a really busy and stressful couple of weeks and before I knew it, my gym habit was no more. It was extremely hard to get my rhythm back and every week I tried to make it a goal to get started again. That’s a goal that I’m still working on today.

What are energy boosting habits? My body needs light! I love natural light! I think it energizes me more than anything. When I was a teenager, my mom actually nailed my window blinds down. I wouldn’t just open the blinds in the mornings but I would pull them up. My mom thought it looked tacky from the outside so I came home from school one day and they were nailed down. I politely removed the nails and it became a continuos battle. If it’s cloudy outside, I’m barely motivated to get out of bed!

What are your sleep habits? I am not one of those people that can operate with five hours of sleep. I need at least seven. When I travel, it’s the same. I still need seven hours of sleep. If I haven’t the right amount of sleep, you can definitely tell.

What are your favorite skincare products? I spent the night at my friend Arden’s house some years ago and I didn’t have any of my skincare products with me. When I went to wash my face, she had all of these LaMer products for me to use; face wash, moisturizer, eye creme. I have very sensitive skin so I was hesitant at first, but the next morning I noticed a drastic difference in the texture of my skin. Today, I use the moisturizing creme at night. I wash my face with a Neutrogena wash which helps control breakouts. If my skin is particularly oily that day, I use an organic African black soap. I also exfoliate once a week with a Neutrogena cleansing brush.

What is your favorite quote about aging? I remember telling my aunt that she was getting old. Her response, “Alright little girl, just keep on living.”

What do you love about getting older? I went to a Christmas party for my childhood church last year and so many women came up to me and said, “The older you get, the more you look like your mama.” I grew up with a mom who was beautiful, I mean honestly just beautiful. My mom’s cheekbones were so defined that whenever we would see her from behind my cousins and I would think that she was smiling. Little did I know, we have same facial features. As a child and even in my early 30’s, I never thought I looked anything liked her but I’m really starting to see it and it’s honestly the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me.

What do you detest about getting older? I don’t really detest anything about getting older! A friend recently saw an older lady in the airport and he immediately called me and said “I know how you’re going to look when you’re 75!” I could tell from his enthusiasm that I didn’t have anything to worry about! I’m comfortable in my own skin and I love the way God naturally created and molded me. Whether it’s 40 or 60, getting older is not a destination. It’s a continuous journey. There is always the alternative!

What is your fitness advice to women? Our bodies and our faces were made to change as we get older. Sometimes we compare ourselves to other women and we have unrealistic expectations of what we should be. Find a fitness routine that works for your body and ultimately makes you happy.