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Dreamsicle Margarita

By Amy Bailey — March 27, 2017

Cheers to Spring with a Dreamsicle Margarita. With Honeybells still in season and oh-sooooo juicy, it seemed an ideal time to shake up a Dreamsicle Margarita. If you want to try at home you will be so pleased you took the time to mix this refreshing, nostalgic treat up.

Dreamsicle Margarita

2 oz blanco tequila (I chose a wonderful new tequila I found Codigo)

1 Honeybell (or other juicy orange), squeezed

1 oz Lillet blanc

1 egg white

Orange peel


Mix ingredients in a large cocktail shaker over ice. Shake vigorously (this means REALLY shake it) you want to create a beautiful foam on top. Strain into coup glass and garnish with orange peel.