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7 Ways To Embrace Hygge

By Amy Bailey — January 19, 2018

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-Ga) is a wonderful Danish philosophy that encourages us to slow down, feel more present in our lives, and to nurture and celebrate the small, simple things. here are 7 ways you can practice hygge:

  1. Declutter – One of the basic ways many people like to reset with the new year is cleaning and decluttering the home. The practice of hygge emphasizes living simply and ridding yourself of excess. The less ‘stuff’ taking up space in your home and mind, the less burden you will feel allowing yourself more time to be present.
  2. Cleanse and Reset – Maybe you are ready to change your diet or start a new exercise program. This is a time to stop doing the things that do not serve you and start doing the things that longterm make you feel good and healthy.
  3. Be Still – The core belief of hygge is that we should embrace the present. So during these cold days instead of wishing them away, bundle up and go for a walk to breathe in the crisp air. Get in the floor and play with your child, listen to their laughter, and do not let distractions take your mind away from the moment. Don’t rush through your day focusing on ‘the next thing’.
  4. Light Candles – The most simple way to bring in little hygge into your home, light candles or living lights.
  5. Build a Fort – Let your childlike imagination soar and build yourself a nook to cuddle in with your family or just for you to enjoy a little solitude. Grab a book, sip your coffee, or meditate, but embrace the opportunity to slow down, recharge, and entertain your imagination.
  6. Cuddle Up – Nothing says hygge like cuddling. Wrap up in your favorite blanket, snuggle with your spouse, pet your puppy – just get cozy. Our favorite blankets – Faherty from Mountain High.
  7. Drink Hot Cocoa or Hot Tea – Warm drinks and warm food celebrate the high season of hygge. Make a point to enjoy hot tea or cocoa everyday. Maybe this is your special time to listen to music and relax or maybe this is a special time for you to sit and chat with your child.

Hygge is simply about slowing down, being more present, and feeling cozy. What a beautiful concept to bring into the home.