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5 Ways To Refresh Your Home

By Amy Bailey — January 09, 2019

With a new year comes a new purge. For me, when the purge is complete it is one of the most freeing feelings. Of course my home is cleaner and more organized, but even more so my mind experiences a ‘detoxing’. It is a freeing experience mentally to rid yourself of excess material items that you do not need and ‘do not bring joy’, as author Marie Kondo of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” recommends. All of our ‘stuff’ can weigh us down. These things we hang on to that we think we have to have do not just take up space, they take up our time.

When you access the value of something ask yourself “How much time is this item taking up in my life?” – to move, to organize, to store – only to sit on a shelf, in a drawer, or in a closet and not be used? Also think about the rebirth you give your things that are in good quality when you pass them along to a friend, charity, or thrift store. An item that may otherwise just sit and get old in your closet, may be used regularly and bring joy to someone else. After purging refresh your home minimally and you will breath new life into your humble abode. A key to refreshing is having purposeful, quality items that you truly take care of and use, while avoiding buying something just because it is on sale or you ‘think’ you might use it.

The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one’s hand and ask: “Does this spark joy?” If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it. This is not only the simplest but also the most accurate yardstick by which to judge.
― Marie Kondō,

Here are some ways to purge and refresh your home in the new year:

lotus_bath_2Refresh your towels. This may sound simple but so many of us get into such a routine we use the same towels for years (and years). Each year you will be surprised by the face lift your home gets when you go through your towels, get rid of any that are over 2 years old, and replace with new fresh, fluffy towels. What to do with those old towels? Donate them to your local animal rescue or humane society, they always need towels and blankets to help take care and warm their animals. In the market for new towels? It doesn’t get more fluffy than Matouk – high quality towels that are soft and absorbent shop online or at Three Sheets In Homewood.

mld106561_0111_bedding1_sqRefresh your sheets – You do not need to keep every pair of sheets you’ve ever owned. It is unnecessary to have that many and once they show obvious signs of being worn: fraying, fading, stains – it is time to purge. Keep 2 pairs for each bed that way you always have one on hand even when washing. Also think about your precious sleep and investing in a high quality pair of sheets that will last at least for your master bed, the staff at Three Sheets in Homewood are experts on educating you about the benefits of quality sheets. When storing I love this idea from fold and organize by arranging each set in its corresponding pillow case.

Organize your bookshelves. You do not have to have books end to end. Take all the books off your shelves and take the time to go through by subject and/or color and arrange books. Lay some flat in small groups. Add photos, artwork, and other decor that represents your style. Because I love photography, I added these vintage cameras (some which were my grandmother’s) – it is a nice way to display them where they do have a purpose rather just have them in a box in the attic.

traditional-closetToss The Undies! So those Victoria Secret panties from 2010 have moved from first string, to second string, to third string – it’s time to toss! So many of us even though we may not even be wearing a particular pair of underwear anymore keep them in our lingerie drawer – why? It is really a good idea to purge and replace underwear every year (unless it is a lingerie set you only wear on special occasions.) The reality is once you enter motherhood – pretty panties are among the last things on your diaper-changing, soccer practice-toting, temperature-taking mind, so years can go by without even realizing how desperately our lingerie drawer needs an update. I recently discovered that Victoria does in fact have a secret – she has updated her undies. If you haven’t entered the pink, perfumed, lacy Victoria Secret realm in awhile you may be as pleasantly surprised as I was to find an array of sexy, flattering styles. Other brands I love include Eberjey and True&Co. To organize your lingerie drawer use drawer dividers so that you can organize your panties by color, style, etc.

il_570xN.337840776Bring The Outdoors In – After the purge a great way to freshen up your home is to bring in fresh  flowers or plants. Place a small terrarium on an entry way table, roses in a vase on a coffee table, or succulents as the centerpiece to a dining room table. Adding flowers and greenery to your home will give it an instant rebirth.