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Which Lip Hue Is Right For You?

By Amy Bailey — June 30, 2014

In the latest fashion and beauty magazines, red and nude lips are all the rage. Have you asked yourself, “What shade of red or nude can I wear and not look a hot mess?” Well I’m going to provide you with a simple guide, so that you’ll know which undertone of these colors will look most flattering on your skin!

Red Lips
If you have …
Fair skin: wear cool reds – think cherries
Medium to olive skin: wear blue reds – think apples
Dark skin: wear deep blue reds – think ketchup
Red hair: wear warm reds – think tomatoes
* Put up the cream and matte reds and pull out the sheers and glosses for spring.

Nude Lips
If you have …
Fair skin and blond hair: wear peachy nude tones
Medium to olive skin and brunette hair: wear warm pink nude tones
Dark skin and black hair: wear caramel, mocha nude tones
Fair skin and red hair: wear peachy nude tones
* This season the nudes can be found in cream and gloss formulations.

Tip: When you go shopping for one of these lip colors, test the shades on a sheet of white paper before trying them on. This will help you detect the undertone of the shade first.