The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

The Big Book Of Chic

By Amy Bailey — July 09, 2014

Pops of color delight your senses and combinations of patterns enchant your eyes, his rooms are creative fantasies that come to life through color, design, and genius. In The Big Book of Chic, Miles Redd gives us over 300 pages of projects that are dripping in luxury and creativity. This Atlantan, moved to New York City to study film and found himself drawn to set design. Redd ended up working for the famous Bunny Williams, then opened his own business and soon was decorating Manhattan townhomes, villas in the Bahamas, and a home in the South of France.

“This is a book about dreams coming true; the curiosities in the rooms I have decorated; and the people, artists, and places that have inspired me. When all is said and done and I am long forgotten, maybe someone will find this book in a dusty library—if such a thing still exists—and glimpse a bit of the pleasure my life has given me. I want them to have the sensation of dancing across an MGM soundstage, silhouetted in a klieg light, because that was my intention with this book, a very personal blend of work and fantasy,” Redd writes in The Big Book of Chic.

“Captivated by chic from an early age, Redd has assembled a personal medley of images—a white-gloved hand poised to pluck a caviar toast, a 1940s princess in a froth of tulle and a Roman bust wearing a coolie hat—of people, artists and places that inspire him. To those rich pickings, the decorator adds shots of his “party-ready” interiors and quotes of life less ordinary.” says Vogue Living Australia.

“I always say, ‘Get the walls and the floors right and the rest is easy,” he says. Known for his elaborate color and pattern treatments—the designer painted the floors of his first East Village apartment an emerald green harlequin—it would seem a logical place to start. “I take my cues from the architecture, and since I know the rules, I can break them,” he adds. “I don’t overthink it—if it feels right in my gut, I go for it.”

Redd also recommends to not wait to live beautifully. “Life is too short to live in ugly.”

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