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The Best Conditioner

By Amy Bailey — June 30, 2014

January is over but that doesn’t mean we should neglect all of those best intentions we set out with in the New Year.  If you are like me, you have vowed to take better care of yourself and your hair deserves some love too.  In the winter months our hair takes a serious beating.  From static, wind and stress it’s no wonder our hair needs some love.  Now is the time to start babying your hair and get it fresh as a daisy just in time for spring.

The fastest way to rehab your locks is to start a deep conditioning regime!  Here is the Scoop on what to use and how to get the most out of your deep conditioner.

Our hair is incredibly dry this time of year so just like our skin needs extra moisture so does our hair!  My favorite deep conditioner is called {appropriately} Restore and it’s just one of the amazing products from the Living Proof product line.  Jennifer Aniston just signed on as a spokesperson and co-owner of the line {who doesn’t want her hair?} and it’s remarkable how quickly it works!  In fact they claim that your hair will be 20x stronger in just 2 weeks and most of my clients boast results after just one application! 

Runner up: Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche

Deep Conditioning How To

  • Shampoo hair 
  • Squeeze out as much water as you can so the conditioner wont just slide off
  • Apply generously from roots to ends.  Don’t worry about it making your hair “flat”, we are worried about health here and once it’s healthy we can make it BIG!  
  • Using a wide toothed comb, work product through to make sure it’s evenly distributed
  • The longer you can leave it on your hair the better, the heat will really open to cuticle to allow your hair to absorb it {a hot steamy shower should do the trick}
  • Rinse and let it air dry if possible so it can breathe

In addition to deep conditioning there are a few other things you can do to rehab your strands.  Drink lots of water.  Remember your hair grows out of your body so make sure you are keeping hydrated.  Lay off the heat tools.  Believe me, I am a sucker for bouncy curls and sleek strands but you need to give your hair a break {before it breaks on you}.  Even skipping the flat iron just one day a week will allow your hair time to heal.  Start practicing your perfect pony and look forward to those low maintenance days of rest.   If you absolutely must use a heat tool make sure you are using a thermal protectant so you don’t undo all the work you have done to get it healthy. 

Are there any tricks you have for getting your hair healthy?  I’d love to hear!

The Fairest of Them All is a monthly beauty column by Martha Lynn Kale. A lover of all things beauty, Martha Lynn traded in a job sitting behind a desk for one standing behind the chair. A true southern belle, known for her blondes and her brides, she loves giving makeovers and teaching others quick and easy ways to love what they see in the mirror each day.  This award winning stylist is a the beauty contributor for and regularly contributes to various blogs, print and media outlets.  Most days, Martha Lynn can be found styling clients or teaching beauty classes at her own beauty oasis, Mirror Mirror Salon in Austin, TX.