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Say ‘I Do’ To Glowing Skin

By Amy Bailey — June 29, 2014

The venue, the guest list, the dress, the food – brides have so much to do before their big day. To avoid any makeup or skincare mishaps before or during your walk down the aisle, Dermalogica’s Director of Global Education, Annet King, recommends creating a “skincare countdown” six-to-eight months before your big day.

Six Months Out

Now is the time for brides to get down to business and create a bridal skincare schedule, including monthly skin treatments and an at-home regimen.

If brides are new to professional skin treatments, Annet suggests starting with a deep-cleaning option that will purge skin of impurities. She also recommends using a clay masque to eliminate debris and congestion from the skin. Try Dermalogica’s Sebum Clearing Masque.

American Idol Tour makeup artist Monica McAlpin suggests adding a gentle exfoliant to your regular skincare routine. “The natural rice bran in Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant will help lighten pesky post-inflammatory spots and hyperpigmentation,” said Monica. To further combat “age spots,” or “sun spots,” it’s important to protect skin with SPF each day, even in the winter months.

“Brides should be alert to potential eyebrow issues at this time, too,” says Annet. “Some areas that may have been over-plucked might need to grow in, which can take several months to accomplish.”

Four Months Out

Brides need to stay on track with their bridal countdown by visiting a skincare center and maintain an at-home regimen. “These treatments should be spent on problem solving areas that needed extra help,” says Annet. Galvanic or micro-current could be used to address fine lines and pigmentation, and breakouts can be “zapped” with high frequency. To treat breakouts at home, try Dermalogica’s potent and effective Overnight Clearing Gel.

Two Months Out

This timeframe can be considered “crunch time” for many brides-to-be, but it’s important not to stress too much! Skin is one of the first indicators of stress. “The more you go with the flow, the better off your skin will be,” says Monica, who has firsthand experience managing stress on the American Idol Tour.

Brett Freedman, celebrity makeup artist, advises brides not to try any new products on skin two weeks prior to the wedding day. Additional key tips are sticking to a basic regimen and statying relax. In the likely event that stress does cause a blemish or two to pop up, Brett recommends spot treating gently, to avoid drying out the entire area of the face. Over-treating will cause redness “and may even change the texture in that area.”

A few weeks before the date, brides should test out their wedding hair and makeup to guarantee the look is just right. Although some brides may want to try out the trendy old Hollywood, “Mad Men” look this season, our experts recommend keeping it classic. “Using neutral tones will ensure that your wedding and your photos will be timeless,” says Monica.

Brett expects to see soft pink lips and cheeks, emulating Duchess Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding look. Since wedding dresses are usually white, anything used to darken the face will really pop. “Don’t be afraid to use subtler shades than usual to keep in the soft theme,” advises Brett.

Wedding Week

Hopefully the wedding shower and bachelorette party have come and gone, because this week is going to be a whirlwind for any bride!

First of all, brides need to drink plenty of water in order to stay healthy and hydrated on the inside, and glowing on the outside. It’s important that brides not do anything drastic when it comes to their face. The final skin treatment should be at least four days before the big day, as well as the last eyebrow grooming, waxing, exfoliating scrub, mani-pedi and self-tanning application. Brett suggests spray tanning four days before the wedding, allowing time to work on any splotching. “Plus, you don’t want it too fresh for fear it will look unnatural in pictures,” warns Brett.

Eyebrows should be groomed a few days before the wedding, as well as any waxing or exfoliating scrubs. Monica suggests booking a waxing appointment no less than two days prior to the wedding. “This allows any redness to dissipate.” To calm any waxing-induced aggravation, apply Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Serum Concentrate.

The Big Day

Our experts all agree that a woman’s wedding day should be as joyful and stress-free as possible. Annet advises, “the day of the wedding should be reserved for makeup and hair – that’s it!”

For shine-free hydration throughout the day, try a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer. “Don’t use more moisturizer than normal just because it’s a special day,” advises Brett. “I always say not to overdo your normal routine, but just leave a bit more time to do it. It feels nice to leisurely get ready.”

It’s also important to assemble an “emergency kit” of makeup and skincare products, just in case the unexpected occurs. Annet suggests tossing in a concealer, a hydra mist, and a lip serum, to keep lips lush and ready for the big kiss. Don’t forget your blotting powder, waterproof mascara and lipstick for touch-ups!