The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

By myscoop2 — June 25, 2014


The Gift Of Presence (12/31/2019) - I’ve been thinking a lot about presence lately. No, not presents, but presence rather. With all the distractions we encounter daily, from the ding of texts to rushing to get the kids here or there to Facebook updates to checking […]
The Real Story of Alcohol, My Story and Stories From Other Women (11/7/2019) - After I wrote my first piece on alcohol “Perhaps Mama Needs Her Wine Shouldn’t Be The Catchphrase For Motherhood” , the response was incredible. Over the last year and a half I have had hundreds upon hundreds of women message me […]
The Perfect Day In Lexington (10/12/2019) - Rolling green hills dressed in wildflowers, thoroughbreds grazing behind white fences that sweep along the highway, this is Lexington, Kentucky. Behind the obvious reasons to visit – horses and bourbon – there is a town full of charm, creativity, and […]
Best Of Provence (6/26/2019) - We often think of time as passing us by. As we drove passed fields of lavender and poppies, rows of grapevines and olive trees I wondered if maybe we were just looking at it wrong. Maybe instead of thinking of […]
Best of The French Riviera: Saint-Tropez (6/25/2019) - Were you never told St. Tropez is paradise? -Karl Lagerfeld The pastel colored buildings, the narrow streets, the bougainvillea wrapped balconies – the colors and smells of the Mediterranean wind along every cobblestone street of this iconic Mediterranean town. If […]
Best of The French Riviera: Day 1-4 (6/24/2019) - “Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” I called out of the window of our castle room. My husband had to remind me France already had plenty of cheese. In the medieval village of Eze we had the ultimate pleasure […]
This Is 40: An Achievement Not A Punishment (5/22/2019) - I HAVE 40 years. J’ai quarant ans. If you translate ‘I am 40 years old’ to French that is the translation. There is no ‘old’ at the end, the phrase is ‘I HAVE 40 years’. Isn’t it beautiful? And isn’t […]
Strawberry Shortcake (5/14/2019) - ‘Tis the season🍓🍓🍓Thank goodness #meatlessmonday isn’t Sweetless Monday;) Eating seasonally guarantees the tastiest, most beautiful food. I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was younger so with fresh local strawberries in hand it seemed like the perfect time to indulge in […]
The One Thing I Wish I Knew As A Younger Mom (5/8/2019) - If there was one lesson I wish I could tell my younger mom self it is this – be still. As a younger mom I often felt harried and hurried through each day. I was busy and boy did I […]
Go Big Or Go Home, I Think I’ll Go Home (5/3/2019) - It’s an ingrained American philosophy, Go Big Or Go Home! It urges dreaming big. It motivates tycoons, innovators, CEOs. I myself can see where this philosophy played a large role in my life and career, I did things seemingly impossible […]