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Nailing It!

By Amy Bailey — June 30, 2014

Its official…nails are everywhere these days.  Not in the tacky way we all remember from the 80’s but in a totally wearable way that has all the fashion magazines taking note.  Have you noticed that even E! does a special “mani-cam” on the red carpet?  It’s so fun to see how the celebs are dressing their nails and of course gawk at the jewels on their hands too.   With March just around the corner (bring on the sandals) and I am so excited to give some of these trends a try.

Polka Dot: 
This is so easy to do on yourself.  Literally all you need is a tool you don’t mind getting some polish on (toothpick or the blunt end of a kabob skewer for larger dots) and go for it!  Not ready to take the plunge?  Just try it on one finger.

Stripes:  The easiest way to do this is to just VERY quickly brush just one stripe down the middle of your nail.  Shaky hands?  Try using some tape to create barriers for yourself.  You may want to leave the intricate work to the professionals.

Geometric Nails:
  If bold is something you crave then these little triangles pack a huge punch.  I love the way the main color alternates and you could create the triangles with nail pens.

Tiffany Blue:  There is something that just makes my inner girly-girl squeal with excitement at the site of a box from Tiffany’s.  Why not try the color on your nails and you can look at it every day!  I did this on my last manicure and I got so many compliments. Nars Kutki Limited Edition Nail Polish

Emerald Green:
  The color of the year can also be found on nails too. Perhaps a fun color for St. Patty’s Day. Duri Paparazzi

Contrasting Hands:  This is a bold look but I loved the contrasting colors and the fun chunky jewelry.  You will want to pick two very different colors (think opposites on the color wheel) so it doesn’t look just slightly “off”.  The best part about this look is that it doesn’t require any additional steps or skills to create!

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