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Makeup Tips For A Flawless Valentine’s Look

By Amy Bailey — February 01, 2014

This Valentine’s Day don’t blend in with the crowd. Put a twist on your everyday makeup routine with a few simple techniques from Francesca Roman, glam expert at NYC’s Butterfly Studio Salon, that will keep eyes on you all night long.

  1. Barely There Shadow– Say no to smoky eyes and make eyes appear bigger and more vibrant with soft pink, white and nude tones. Choose colors that could double as a blush or highlighter and play with mixing these shadows on your lids, we love hues with a shimmer, like a champagne or sparkling peach. If you prefer not to glisten, go for a shadow texture with a satin finish to add a hint of sheen when choosing solid and matte colors. For a bit more smolder around the eye experiment with deeper pinks and plums. Remember to keep the look gentle by dusting lightly and blending well.
  2. Peach Lips – A Peach lip is slightly unexpected but serves as a great alternative for those who don’t want to commit to wearing (and maintaining) a red lip. Adding instant warmth to skin, we love this visually delicious shade. Stay away from too much shine or gloss with peach lips and opt for either a matte look or dewy look by blending with your favorite untinted chapstick.
  3. Feminine Blush – For just the right amount of whimsical, stray away from bronzers and couture-runway-model cheek definition. Instead, go for a soft doll-like cheek instead. We love the “flushed all over” blush look that covers a bit more surface area on your cheek. Use a pale, powdery pink or a pinkish-red blush with cool/blue undertones, with or without specs. Lightly dab blush while extending the color line all the way to your temples – this really helps in highlighting the eye area and works to bring out the angles of your face. If you’re looking for a less forward cheek look, try the technique of dusting blush under the apples of your cheeks instead of directly on top.