The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

Los Poblanos, Land Of Enchantment

By Amy Bailey — August 05, 2016

There are cities and sights that we put on our list of places we want to travel, and in some instances there are even hotels themselves that become bucket list destinations. Not because of their lush golf course or ocean view, but because of the magical experience they offer. Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm located in Albuquerque, New Mexico is one of those places. From the moment you turn onto the tree-lined drive and pass by the fields of lavender you know there is something special about this place. As unique as Albert the White Peacock that struts around the property, Los Poblanos offers guests an authentic chance to interact with the land. The luxury offered at Los Poblanos is not manufactured and draped in 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets or lathered in expensive over-seas bath products. Everything at Los Poblanos is simple and beautiful.

lospoblanosroomThe rooms are comfortable and pretty, equipped with French press coffee makers, Lavender bath products made on the farm, and simple patios provide a reading nook to relax and unwind. Nothing at Los Poblanos seems out of place, the buildings fit nicely in with the farm’s greenhouse, kitchen, restaurant, gardens, and silo. The small rectangular pool is enclosed by arbors and vines with just a few loungers poolside. With various trails on the property and near by, there are bikes available to all guests wishing to explore.

lospoblanod5With hollyhocks standing over 6 feet tall, ponds with brightly colored koi, secret garden nooks in every corner, delicate meadows of Queen Anne’s Lace fluttering in the breeze, the scent of lavender in the air, and bunnies frolicking about, you begin to lospoblanosalbertwonder if in fact you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. Then Albert the white peacock makes his loud, breathy caw as he struts softly by like a ghost of the aristocracy, and you realize you have unlocked the secret door to wonderland. A magical wonderland that is home to nature and farming.

lospoblanos1The Los Poblanos land was originally inhabited by the Anasazi (ancient pueblo Indians) in the 14th century, Los Poblanos today encompasses the original headquarters of the 800-acre ranch owned by the Congressman, Albert Simms, and his wife, Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms that extended to the crest of the Sandia Mountains. The historic inn was their private residence and the center of operations of their dairy, farming, nursery, art businesses, and dynamic cultural and educational endeavors. In 1932, Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms commissioned architect John Gaw Meem and numerous WPA artists and craftsmen to renovate the ranch house and create the Cultural Center for political and community events and recreation with gardens designed by Rose Greeley.

lospoblanostostadoToday, the Los Poblanos farmland isn’t just used for cultivating lavender, but also agricultural fields are dedicated solely to food production for the property’s kitchens, growing heirloom and native landrace crops. Los Poblanos farms organically and utilizes heirloom and native varieties grown in their region for centuries. These landraces create a biodiverse, sustainable and flavorful alternative to everyday foods. Many of this year’s crops are considered endangered such as Chimayo chiles, O’odham cowpeas, casaba melons from nearby Kewa and San Felipe pueblos, brown tepary beans and Magdelena big cheese squash. These varieties provide a link to a thousand-year agricultural history in New Mexico. They are locally adapted, heat and drought tolerant, and it is ingredients like these that provide for a magical dining experience.

lospoblanosrestaurantAll Los Poblanos Inn guests enjoy a complimentary gourmet breakfast which is prepared according to what ingredients are in season and fresh that morning, like a breakfast tostado with corn, mushroom, root vegetables, potatoes, and micro greens with a side of chicken sausage. Dinner at Los Poblanos is one you will never forget and an experience lospoblanoskevinthat people travel all over the world to enjoy. Again, the menu is simple and fresh from the farm. Dinner guests should consider arriving 15-20 minutes before their reservation to enjoy an artisan cocktail in the Sala Grande living room. Los Poblanos hand-crafted cocktails use artisan bitters, aperitifs, and fresh farm-grown ingredients. For a truly unique experience, throughout the year Los Poblanos also hosts farm dinners where guests are invited to get to know one another with an intimate cocktail reception prior to being seated together at a long communal table with sixty others. Executive Chef Jonathan Perno and his culinary team create exquisite four-course menus that showcase the Rio Grande Valley Cuisine. Wine and beverage pairings are thoughtfully curated by Wine Director, Dylan Storment. These dinners are a true New Mexico experience in one of the most stunning venues in all of the Southwest.

hotairballoonAnother unique experience Los Poblanos offers – you can volunteer to farm lavender, attend lavender workshops on tea making and honey making, and help harvest lavender. Click here for their events calendar.

A visit to the property’s Farm Shop is also a treat. You can buy lavender by the bunch or in an array of lavender products – honey, sun cream, lotion, salve, etc. You will also find another artisan products in the shop and if you fall in love with product don’t worry, they sell online too.

lospoblanos3The morning we had to say goodbye to Los Poblanos we had just left breakfast when I heard my daughter exclaim, “Mommy look!!!” A hot air balloon was rising above the building where we just ate breakfast, we stood and watched mesmerized as 4 more followed – just another day at Los Poblanos. (In case you were looking for a very good reason to visit New Mexico, Albuquerque is home to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta the first week of October, one of the largest hot air balloon festivals in the world.) We relished every second of our stay at Los Poblanos only wishing we could enjoy the Land of Enchantment a little longer. Looking forward to falling down that rabbit hole again one day. To learn more about Los Poblanos or make reservations click here.