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How To Treat Adult Acne

By Amy Bailey — June 30, 2014

You might think acne tends to be worse in the steamy, sweaty weather, but think again – one study found that acne actually became worse in the winter compared to the summer months.

1. Diet DOES affect acne: New evidence shows that food actually might contribute to acne, one of the key culprits is hormones from milk.

2. Stats on acne: Did you know acne affects over 50% of female adults?

3. The truth about make-up and acne: Best ways to cover a blemish –

a. It’s best to try to reduce the swelling with ice. Visine, offering the same vasoconstriction properties that get the red out of your eyes, can work on pimples too. Soak a cotton swab in Visine and hold it next to your pimple for 5 minutes.

b. If it is oozing use a tinted blemish cream that covers and heals like Clearasil. If you’ve already popped it, moisturize the area so that it is not flaky or dry from products that you’ve used to previously treat it.

c. When you are choosing a concealer pick a thick formula that is quite dry and use a very small, pointy concealer brush to cover it from all angles. It is best to use a makeup brush so that you can get into all the crevices that your finger cannot. Don’t brush across but instead dab the concealer onto your little monster, then tap your finger on top to set. Use a yellow based concealer to counteract redness and try to match your skin tone. Don’t choose a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone or you will just bring attention to the thing you are trying to cover up. Focus only on the pimple and not the surrounding area. After you are finished concealing you can blend out to your skin, but do not blend or touch the actual zit.

d. Next you will want to blot with loose powder to make sure that it remains hidden and the makeup doesn’t slide off the pimple’s oily surface. It’s best to use an eyeshadow brush loaded with powder.

e. Mineral makeup is great for pimples because it really covers without adding bulk. Because a zit is usually raised, you will still probably see it on your face but it will be much less noticeable when covered well. If your pimple is large you might notice that it casts a shadow too. Use a lighter color concealer underneath the bottom half where the shadowing is for an optical illusion to counteract this effect, before setting with powder.

f. Some of the best concealers I recommend are: Makeup Forever Camouflage, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer, Cle’ de Peau Beaute Concealer

4. Forget what mom said: Never apply milk of magnesia to your skin, despite what you have read on the internet or elsewhere.  The basic pH is a proven problem, leading to acne, contact dermatitis, and decreased barrier function!