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How To Get Great Legs

By Amy Bailey — June 29, 2014

Could it be that spring is here? I have been able to bare my legs for 3 days in a row now and can hardly contain my excitement. With this burst in temperature it is time to get those gams gorgeous and has just the recipe with these steps, lotions, and exfoliators.

Keep active. Physical activity will get your legs in a great shape. You don’t have to hit the gym, or run a marathon if you’re not into it, but get moving! Go hiking, biking, or simply take stairs instead of the elevators, park and walk don’t valet, walk to a close by coffee shop or bookstore instead of driving everywhere. Find ways to keep active and your legs will thank you for it.

Eat healthy. No matter how much you exercise if your diet lacks essential nutrients, your legs will suffer in the process. You will see varicose veins, cellulite, dry skin etc.

Drink plenty of water. At least 6-8 cups a day to keep your body hydrated and toxins flushed out of your system. It will help you minimize common culprits, like cellulite, varicose veins and stretch marks.

Remove hair from your legs on regular basis. Keep those stems smooth! There are plenty of options to keep your legs hair free… Shaving, waxing, sugaring, depilatories etc.

Stay away from skinny jeans as these can lead to varicose veins and prolonged numbness inĀ your legs. Also wearing short skirts in winter encourages your body to store fat especially in your legs and this could encourage cellulite.


Apply lotion after each shower. This locks in moisture and will prevent dry, flaky skin and adds glow to your legs. MyScoop’s favorite lotions:


  • Bath and Body Works Paris Amour smooths skin and leaves a blend of French tulips, apple blossoms, and pink champagne.
  • Melvita Algascience Contouring Serum’s 3-seaweed complex helps reduce the build-up of fatty deposits and improves skin firmness and tone.
  • Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter is used in over 70,000 bliss spa massages every year worldwide, this superior skin-smoothing formula has gained a huge following making it one of Bliss’ best selling products.
  • Carmex Healing Lotion comes from over 70 years of healing power. Carmex skin care heals, soothes and moisturizes your dry skin without a greasy feel.

Pamper and exfoliate your legs. There are many ways to exfoliate. You can purchase a body scrub or you can make one at home with simple ingredients like sugar and lemon juice. Exfoliating will not only give your legs a nice glow, but it will also improve your circulation. MyScoop’s favorite exfoliators:

  • Bliss FatGirlScrub works to promote circulation through exfoliation and massage, polishing with 60 percent Himalayan pink salt to slough off dead skin and leave a silky finish
  • St. Ives Apricot Scrub – St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub won the Glammy for Best Body Product.
  • L’Occitane Almond Shower Scrub – Enriched with almond oil and crushed shells, the foaming Almond Shower Scrub melts into the skin, cleanses softly and exfoliates to remove impurities and dead cells. Skin is soft, smooth and ready to absorb all the benefits of your body creams.
  • Mama Mio Body Buff contains micro ground pumice grains that turbo exfoliate your skin in 3 mitnues.
  • Melvita Seaweed Body Scrub enriched with Witch hazel refines skin texture and leaves it beautifully soft.