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How To Create A Side Bun

By Amy Bailey — June 29, 2014

New York Fashion Week brings out great clothes, great accessories, and great hair. Creating gorgeous dos at New York Fashion Week was Marcos Diaz. We loved the gorgeous side buns. To recreate Diaz shares with us step by step

STEP 1: Spray the hair with Davines Defining Texturizer and blow it out using ONE Styling’s NEW Epic Dryer set to a negative charge; negative ions neutralize the charge, closing the hair follicles and smoothing the shaft to create a smooth look.

STEP 2: Create a deep side part and secure it with a rubber band behind the ear. Then secure the front bags with a bobby pin.

STEP 3: Using a 1” Curling Iron, create imperfect waves in the hair.

STEP 4: Take both sections and create a side bun just behind the ear and pin it.

STEP 5: Spray the hair with Davines Defining Invisible Hairspray

STEP 6: Finish with a thin coat of Davines OI/OIL for added shine.