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How To Create A Magnificent Closet

By Amy Bailey — July 09, 2014

LA Closet Design’s Lisa Adams, the go-to-designer for the rich and famous looking to make their closets as luxurious as the rest of their lives, now stars in the HGTV debut of Million Dollar Closets.

Lisa Adams transforms disorganized, cluttered and poorly designed closets into magnificent spaces that rival the size of an average apartment (and styled like the average mansion!)

Adams is one of MyScoop’s favorite style mavens and here she shares her top 5 tips to create a magnificent closet:

  • Replace all your hangers so they’re consistent. This is one of the easiest ways to make your closet look more uniform and tidy.
  • Paint the walls. Your closet is the perfect place to get creative and try something new!
  • Add special decorations to reflect your unique personality, like a chandelier or ottoman in a fun fabric!
  • Thicken shelves and divider panels. The sturdier and thicker the shelves and panels, the more expensive your closet will appear.
  • Put glass dividers between your purses to help them stay organized and stand upright.
  • Buy a mirror to make your room feel larger (and to see your fabulous outfits!)
  • Add crown molding to the cabinetry for detail and to create a unique, custom look.