The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

Fall Must Haves From Alabama Chanin

By Amy Bailey — September 25, 2014

I still remember opening my Vogue Magazine in college to discover that there was a fashion designer in Florence, Alabama creating beautiful clothes by using traditional Southern quilt makers. I was captivated then and even more so now by Natalie Chanin and her lifestyle brand Alabama Chanin. From seed to clothing, Chanin uses only organic cotton and each product is created using unique craftsmanship. Each heirloom piece is hand sewn by local artisans. Alabama Chanin is Made in the USA by a slow design practice which encourages sustainability, creativity, and a local commitment. Alabama Chanin is a Finalist for the Martha Stewart American Made Awards, click to vote for this inspiring company and support a business that enhances the gifts of our beautiful South. We asked Natalie her must haves for fall and here is her list from comfy socks to organic tees and scarves to her favorite coffee.

The Factory Coffee
 – I can’t live without coffee – anytime of the year. We have worked with a local roaster on The Factory Blend (served daily in our café). The flavor is smooth, yet dark, with a buttery feel and a slight dark chocolate finish.

The River & the Thread – 
Rosanne is a dear friend and a constant source of inspiration for me. She began writing the opening song, “A Feather’s Not a Bird”, while visiting Florence for one of our sewing workshops. If you’re at The Factory, you will hear her album play at least once a day in our store and café.

Three-Stripe Over-Knee Socks – 
These socks are part of our manufacturing collaboration with Little River Sock Mill in Fort Payne, Alabama. I love their comfort, and they peek out just above my boots. Look for new styles to come this fall…

Alabama A-line Tunic– The A-line Tunic is part of my daily uniform at work and home. It is both feminine and forgiving (and great for layering).

A Chanin Wrap Cardigan 
- We have recently opened a natural dye house in our studio in Florence. We dye our machine-made and handmade styles with organic indigo. This wrap cardigan is part of the A. Chanin machine-made line that launched in January (also made in Florence).

Women’s Alabama Cotton V-neck T-shirt

Alabama Cotton Scarf – 
This t-shirt and scarf are from our collaboration with Billy Reid. The organic cotton was grown in partnership with the design company, just outside of our community in northwest Alabama; it is the first (that we know of) privately-owned organic cotton crop in Alabama.