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Bundle Up In Colorful Fur

By Amy Bailey — November 21, 2014

The bitter coldness in recent years has brought the furs out of closets all over the country. Before this might be an item stashed away for a once a year gala, but the truth of the matter is when temps drop below freezing there is nothing that will keep you warm like fur. And of course there are plenty of faux fur options as well. What makes fur and faux fur so fun this year is the rainbow of colors it can be found in. We hunted and found these fur and faux fur options that we just adore.

furnastygal1. Glamorous Faux Fur Teal Coat – This teal coat had us hooked at first glance. It is warm, it is colorful, yet sophisticated and it is extremely affordable $150 NastyGal.

furej2. Elizabeth & James Terra Striped Rabbit and Coyote Fur Coat – Gorgeous and creative, and for anyone who has been following the overpopulation of coyotes quite the sustainable use of fur as well, $1495 Saks Fifth Avenue.


furaliceolivia3. Alice&Olivia Rabbit/Raccoon Purple Cropped Coat – Stay snug as a bug in a rug with this plush purple coat from Alice&Olivia. With it being cropped it can be a part of your outfit without having to de-robe throughout the night $1298, Saks Fifth Avenue.

furasos4. Faux Fur Abstract Animal Coat – Super soft and super warm this faux fur option from Asos is pretty incredible, $132.65 Asos.




furdvf5. Diane Von Furstenberg Finale Multi-Colored Mink – Diane and her amazing technicolor dream coat – shine like a rainbow among the snow, $1920 Saks Fifth Avenue.