The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

By myscoop2 — June 25, 2014


7 Southern Trips To Take This Fall (10/5/2018) - It is fall even though it may only feel like it in the morning. That golden sun is casting a more amber hue across the landscape and there is a breeze rolling in. With the season comes a stirring in […]
Veggie Chili Recipe (10/2/2018) - Hello October, nice to see ya. This #meatlessmonday chili was a crowd pleaser. The first question, “What meat is in this?” The answer none, just a puréed blend of tomatoes, carrots, onions and cilantro using the @vitamix to give it […]
The Perfect Day In Lexington (10/1/2018) - Rolling green hills dressed in wildflowers, thoroughbreds grazing behind white fences that sweep along the highway, this is Lexington, Kentucky. Behind the obvious reasons to visit – horses and bourbon – there is a town full of charm, creativity, and […]
Southern Grandmothers, An Endangered Species (9/27/2018) - “Now add the sugar,” my grandmother would say to me as I sat in my favorite spot in her house – on the kitchen counter next to the mixer. I would watch the tea cake batter begin to form swirling […]
Quality Of Life Vs. Standard Of Living (9/17/2018) - I was 5 years old when I saw a small garter snake slithering through the backyard of my grandmother’s house. It noticing me getting closer disappeared into its hole. I ran inside grabbed an encyclopedia off my grandmother’s bookshelf and […]
Minestrone Recipe (9/12/2018) - One of my favorite things to do that also helps keep me mindful is cooking for my family. From buying seasonal vegetables to cutting them to smelling the aromas of the flavors working together, the love and time that goes […]
Cape San Blas, Everything You Dreamed The Beach Could Be (9/6/2018) - When I was a little girl before I ever laid eyes on the ocean, I read about it. I read about the waves and the sand, the shells and the sand dollars, the sea turtles and the dolphins. I read […]
Best of Monte Carlo (8/30/2018) - Like a movie set come to life, everything seems to sparkle with more grandeur, with more drama, with more magnificence in Monte Carlo. The last leg of our Côte d’Azur travels was incredible. Monte Carlo was a fantastic, opulent dream, […]
Rainbow Ratatouille Recipe (8/20/2018) - Happy #meatlessmonday ! We have been doing Sunday Night Suppers with all the family and it has been a treasure – the conversations, the time around the table visiting and listening to stories, the memories being made that our daughter […]
Southern Smoothie Recipe (8/13/2018) - Oh what fun to eat seasonal🍑! Who else is enjoying peach season??? The peaches this year are the sweetest we have enjoyed in awhile. Of course they are delicious on their own but for an afternoon perk I made this […]