The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

By myscoop2 — June 25, 2014


How To Plant A Vegetable Garden (4/7/2019) - If you want to witness God’s beauty, it all begins in the dirt. We often speak of gardening as a ‘hobby’, but gardening isn’t simply a hobby, it is part of the human experience. It is a visceral experience that […]
8 Favorite Hikes (3/24/2019) - Every time I spend any amount of time in the great outdoors, I wonder why we spend so much time indoors. And every time I go hiking, I wonder why I do not do it more often. Not only is […]
The Perfect Day In Chattanooga (3/24/2019) - There’s a place where the mountains tower above, the river runs deep below, and the cool vibe is present almost everywhere you go – that place nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is Chattanooga. We have the scoop […]
The Best Of Charleston (3/14/2019) - 17 years ago a boy and girl started dating. The boy lived near Charleston so their dates were filled with evening strolls down Market Street and The Battery, dinners at the South’s best restaurants, weekends with friends canoodling on rooftops, […]
This Is 40: An Achievement Not A Punishment (3/11/2019) - I HAVE 40 years. J’ai quarant ans. If you translate ‘I am 40 years old’ to French that is the translation. There is no ‘old’ at the end, the phrase is ‘I HAVE 40 years’. Isn’t it beautiful? And isn’t […]
I Am Woman, Watch Me Take Charge (3/7/2019) - You know what I’m tired of? Hearing how tired women are all the time. The picture I see most often painted in TV, movies, and across social media of today’s modern woman is an exhausted, overwhelmed, wineaholic flailing through each […]
How To Make Gumbo (3/3/2019) - There is something about making a big pot of gumbo that is satisfying to your stomach and your soul. The labor of love that goes into a roux creates a soulful connection with cooking that will have you making gumbo […]
The Perfect Day In Nashville (2/21/2019) - It is no secret that the Music City is beyond popular these days. So for residents and tourists that means there is tons to do. With the plethora of restaurants, activities, and hotels, we sought out the best of Nashville. […]
French Lentil Soup Recipe (2/20/2019) - Here comes the rain again. This weather has me in fight or flight mode but since I have yet to acquire any superpower ability to change the weather, I decided to make the most of these rainy days and curl […]
The Magic Of Vail (2/9/2019) - There is a place where trees stay lit, sweaters are almost always in fashion, and an apres ski next to a fire is part of the daily routine. That place is Vail. Vail is not only the largest ski resort […]