The Good Life
with a Southern Drawl

Baked Grits With Eggs

By Amy Bailey — November 21, 2017

Looking for a delicious, filling breakfast to serve Thanksgiving morning? I recently served this at a brunch with family and friends and it was a hit. It is hearty using some of the South’s best grits and pretty easy to throw together. In fact you could cook the grits then refrigerate and bake with eggs the next morning.


For the Creamy Cheesy Grits:

4 cups chicken broth

1 cup yellow corn grits (McEwen and Sons)

4 oz goat cheese (I used Belle Chèvre)

1 cup shredded Gouda, Manchego, Gruyere, or other cheese

1/2 cup cream or milk

For the Baked Eggs with Cheese Grits:

4 eggs

6 slices bacon, cooked and chopped

2 Tbsp sautéed shallot

1 cup sautéed tomatoes

1 1/2 cup sautéed mushrooms

1 cup sautéed sweet potatoes, small cubes


For the Creamy Cheesy Grits:

In a large sauce pan bring chicken broth to a boil, add grits and reduce heat to low. Cover and let grits cook according to directions, stirring regularly.

When grits have absorbed the liquid add goat cheese, shredded cheese, cream, and salt and pepper to taste.

For the Baked Eggs and Cheese Grits:

Preheat the oven to 350.

Grease 2 iron skillets with butter.

Place the grits evenly in 2 skillets and create valleys for eggs. Crack the eggs into valleys.

Bake, checking every 10 minutes until the eggs reach the desired consistency.

In my oven I baked them for 25 minutes and the whites were solid and the yolk was runny.

Garnish with bacon, mushrooms, shallot, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. Sprinkle thyme on top.