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5 Tips To Combat Aging Of Your Hair And Skin

By Amy Bailey — June 30, 2014

Our bodies age, there is no way around it. We can inject it, we can spray tan it, we can lather it on, and we can dye it, but aging is part of our lives. However there are things each of us does that can accelerate the aging process. We’ve all seen that 50 year old man with the gut and the grandpa hair who looks far older than 50 year old Brad Pitt. Celebrity or not, aging gracefully is no Hollywood secret, it is about taking care of the body gave God you. Two of the fastest aging parts of our body – our skin and our hair.

Dr. Robert Dorin says, “The most detrimental factors involved in the aging of skin and hair follicles are chronic inflammation and oxidation. External stressors (i.e. solar radiation from the sun, infections, smoking, abundant alcohol consumption) disrupt normal cellular homeostasis, and can all accelerate the aging process of our hair cells (actually all of our body cells) by impeding our innate abilities to help keep our cells functioning youthfully. Anti-oxidants can help fight the aging process via different pathways- regulating antioxidant enzymatic activities, inhibiting oxidative enzymatic reactions and stopping reactive oxidative species (ROS). Industry leaders for hair and skin products have recently launched new products that contain anti-inflammatory actives hoping to fight the aging process.”

Dr. Dorin gives 5 tips to help combat the aging process of hair and skin:

  1. Stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption as these will inhibit your body’s ability to fight the biochemical effects and processes of aging, and create free radicals that destroy cellular function.
  2. Eat a well balanced diet “eat the rainbow” of your fruits and vegetables to insure you consume the plant derived anti oxidants such as Polyphenols- flavinoids and catechins; resveratrol  and quercetin. Drink green tea for the epigallocatechin-3-gallate.
  3. Moderate, consistent exercise will help your body’s innate defense system to maximize its ability to slow down the aging process and to prevent loss of cellular function at the molecular level.
  4. Juice! Juicing especially with organic grown veggies can be a fabulous way to get high nutritional value antioxidants into your system (without over cooking and inactivating the important age defying chemicals).
  5. Promising anecdotal evidence supporting the injections with PRP (with its concentrated growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines) into the scalp once or twice a year can induce new collagen production and help keep the stem cells of our hair and skin functioning optimally as we age.